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Unlock Easter:
Making Disciples

April 14, 2019

The cross was interpreted as the enemy getting the last laugh, but the resurrection of Jesus punctuated God’s plan and God ultimately got the last laugh.  Therefore, in some Christian circles people share jokes to remind us how God got the last laugh over sin and death.

Google a joke and share it with your group. 

Read Matthew 26:31-32

  • What two claims did Jesus make that His disciples believed would never happen?

  • Why do you suppose the disciples didn’t believe Jesus?

Read Matthew 27:61-66

  • What were the religious people trying to prevent?

  • What was God wanting to prove?

  • Have you ever had a situation in life where it was at first perceived as random or senseless or unfair but later on you saw how God used that situation for your good, for the better?

Read Matthew 28:1-10, 16-18

  • The most significant element about this text is Matthew’s account of the resurrection, but within this text is an emphasis to tell the disciples to get back to Galilee. Why? Because that’s where they are all from! It’s their home.

    • After seeing Jesus in the flesh, how is it possible that some were doubtful?

    • What was his statement to the doubters? Why did He first take that approach?

Read Matthew 28:19-20

  • Why would He tell them to “go” after they just got home?

  • How do you interpret “making disciples”?

  • Galilee was home for those at the mountain that Jesus designated to meet at.

    • How is being home in your designated space and making disciples correlated?

  • We can certainly understand why teaching what Jesus taught is important if Jesus has “all authority” but why is baptism an emphasis?

  • What should knowing that Jesus is always with you do for your disciple making efforts?

Read 2 Peter 3:9

  • PC said, “God’s plan for His people requires participation. Sunday is preparation but all else is participation”

    • On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best:
      How good is your participation in God’s plan to not let any perish?