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Part 6 - Get an invitation, Get invited

February 10, 2019

Have you ever had a stranger try to tell you how to do your job - whether at work, in a game, or as a parent? How did you respond?

Read Luke 5:4-11

  • What did Jesus ask of Simon (Peter)?

  • How did Simon (Peter), a fisherman, respond to the request from Jesus, a rabbi?

    • Would you have responded the same way?

    • What might keep you from casting your net deeper to be a fisher of men?

  • Jesus was inviting and intriguing enough to be compelling. So compelling that people listened.

    • What is compelling about you that would make someone interested in investigating your faith?

Read John 1:40-42

  • Who was Andrew?

  • What three things did Andrew do after he heard John speak? PC referred to them with 3 F’s:

    • F______

    • F______

    • F______

  • What three things from Andrew’s approach could we model today? PC referred to them with 3 S’s.

    • S______

    • S______

    • S______

What does evangelism look like for you?

Andy Stanley, pastor of North Point church in Atlanta says it this way, “Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.” The investment in one person not only has eternal implications, but has exponential possibilities within their FRAN network too.

  • Think back to the “Andrew” in your life, the one who brought you to Jesus, and the impact that has had in your life and in your sphere of influence.

  • Who is the one person in your life you could be an Andrew to?

  • What could you do for that one person that you wish you could do for everyone?