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Fake News - God Never Said That
Twinkies Last Forever

What’s something you’ve always believed was true then later find out it wasn’t actually true?

Which Cognitive Bias do you default to in regards to something you believe in?

  • Availability Bias - Recall recent or prominent information

  • Emotional Bias - Feelings over Facts

  • Confirmative Bias - Seek likemindedness

How has a “how I was raised” bias and/or a “set in my ways” bias caused friction in your relationships?

Read John 21:18-24

  • Discuss how it must have felt for Peter to hear Jesus talk about his death.

  • Why would Jesus say to Peter, “Follow Me” after explaining what would happen to Peter?

  • Thinking about our “lot in life”, how should we respond to Jesus’ words of “Follow Me”?

  • It seems Peter got caught up in the comparison trap by asking Jesus about John’s life situation/circumstances.

    • Where do you find yourself comparing another person’s life situation to your life situation?

  • According to John, “the brethren” misunderstood the words of Jesus and a falsehood grew.

    • Discuss how Christians have potentially misunderstood or misused the Word of God and falsehoods took root.

  • In verse 24, John stakes claim in the truth of his testimony.

    • How can we know that his testimony is true?