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Welcome to Market Street Church, we’re so glad you’ve stopped by! We are an evangelical Christian church located in Walled Lake, Michigan where we believe God calls us to love people and grow more like Jesus Christ. We'd love to have you visit for our weekly Sunday gathering!

Gathering Time

Sunday | 11a
Nursery for ages 0-23m
Preschool & Pre-K for ages 2-5
Kids Church for grades K-5

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Boats will slowly drift off course if the captain is not paying careful attention. A married couple will slowly drift apart in their relationship. A student may slowly drift asleep in class. None of these things are intentional. They happen subtly without warning and they’re hard to notice unless one is observing very closely. This is often the same thing that happens with churches drifting away from sound doctrine and individuals drifting away from God. Do solid believers who are following God one day just wake up the next day and decide to leave church and never come back? No! It’s incremental. So how do we recognize the drifts and avoid danger? Drop anchor with us on Sundays at 11a to find out.



We’re excited to offer a new kids program this year called Champion Kids. It has all the same great things we loved about Awana but with so much more - including tons of parent resources! And because we know how any commitment affects time with family, we’ve consolidated all our youth programming to one evening on Wednesday nights. Add to that a few new Empower Groups and it’s a night of new exciting things happening for everyone! To register or read more on the new Champion Kids program, click HERE.